We setup two challenges: clean challenge and 0-DB challenge. In the clean challenge, the training and test data are all clean, and participants 
are required to use the training/test/cv data provided 'officially' by THCHS-20.  In the 0-DB challenge, the test data are corrupted by three types of
nois at the SNR of 0db (script is provided to generate the test data at other levels of noise). This is very challenging and more investigation is required. In both 
the challenges, the noise signals can be used.

For each condition (clean/noise), two tasks are defined: word ASR and phone ASR. Although the former is more close to practical usage, the latter can test acoustic models in a more focused way.

All individual and  research groups are welcome to send their results on these tasks. Simply send an email to to inform your results and paper, then
your results will be on the list.

Clean challenge
Institute Word ASR Task(WER) Phone ASR Task (PER) mystery
CSLT@THU 23.18 10.01 DNN, MPE training

0-DB challenge
If you download the 'standalone' version of THCHS30, the nosiy test data should have been included in wav.tgz
If you download the 'openslr' version (that is suitable for the Kaldi thchs30 recipe), the 0-db test data should be download via the following links:

  • Baidu:, download from "CSLT public data/thchs30-openslr/test0db.tgz"
  • Mega :!idRSjL4A!cnCY0R2NjU77Jr0soe9OgQ, download from "CSLT public data/thchs30-openslr/test0db.tgz"
  • CSLT :

  • Institute White Car Cafeteria mystery
    CSLT@THU (Word Task, WER) 65.23 25.12 53.38 DNN, MPE,DAE [1]
    CSLT@THU (Phone Task, PER) 40.04 11.81 32.39 DNN, MPE,DAE [1]
    [1]  THCHS-30 : A Free Chinese Speech Corpus